CCTV Fibre Converters

Fibre Optic CCTV transmission

Transmitting video over long distances requires reliable networks, especially when safety and security are concerned. That's why Controlware’s range of fibre optic CCTV systems include a wide variety of fibre transmitters and CCTV equipment from high quality manufacturers for both point-to-point and optical add/drop CWDM configurations. Since optimal performance is essential for fibre optic networks, many of the network products provided by Controlware are field-hardened to withstand the harshest conditions and most extreme temperatures.

Controlware provide fibre systems including extenders, converters and transmitters from Bosch with the LTC Series and Optelecom-NKF with the MC and 9000 series.

If you have any questions concerning IP CCTV or need help specifying the right fibre system to meet your needs feel free to call us on 0844 225 9 225 or contact us for expert advice and quotations.

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